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Carpet Smart have outlets in Beckenham, Charlton, Crawley, Welling and Maidstone. Our blog page is designed to give all customers in these areas a deeper insight into our company and the work that we do. We hope you enjoy reading our blog entries and if you have any further enquiries about an individual post, feel free to contact our nearest branch for advice.

Why You Need to Take Few Considerations in Mind While Buying a Carpet

Finding the right carpet for your home can be really tiring. With the wide array of choices available, choosing just a few can be a daunting task. Have you recently visited a carpets supplier in Bromley? Were you spellbound seeing those intricately designed textile coverings? What was your reaction seeing the entire collection? If you […]

Your Mattress is Your Ultimate Comforter Clean It From Time To Time

Spring will come and go, every year leaving memories. The season is perfect to invite fresh air. Also, this time of the year calls for thorough cleaning. In order to create a fresh ambience, it’s important you consider a clean-up project that will promise to enhance the quality of air inside and spring seems to […]

Guidelines to Choose the Right Carpet for Your Home

Buying a carpet may seem really difficult, especially if you fail to follow a set of guidelines or do not have someone to assist you with the selected job. With endless options before your eyes, most of you tend to suffer from indecisiveness because you cannot simply settle for a single carpet. Let’s just admit […]

Before Buying a Carpet, Dig Into These Carpet Maintenance Facts

We all know how costly it is to purchase and install carpets at home. A carpet fitting specialist from Kent will be the right person to give you the exact quote. Since carpet fitting is an investment homeowner should consider a proper maintenance plan to expect extended durability of the floor covering. This is because […]

4 Useful Ways to Extend the Durability of a Tufted Carpet

Carpets come at a considerable price. If you are reconsidering a home improvement plan do not rule out on carpets. As a matter of fact, look for tufted covering which will complement the existing or upcoming decor. Hence this task will require you to speak with an authentic carpet supplier in Bromley and nearby regions. While buying […]

The Weaving Magic Behind Creation of Luxurious Carpets

Floor coverings are available in a wide variety of materials; textile being the most popular of all. Some floor covers are also crafted from man-made materials like nylon and rubber. Carpets belong to the soft furnishing category, which are laid upon a levelled surface, providing comfort and safety and adding to the decor of a […]

Antique Wooden Floors – The Real Addition for Sophisticated Homes

Antique pieces are known to add beauty and when you want to embrace this vintage theme for your home, why not consider vintage wood flooring in Crawley? It’s the best way you can welcome in a sophisticated appeal. Antique wood is especially chosen over others because of its charm. Believe it or not today, there […]

Tips on How to Choose the Very Best Carpet Supplier

Very few people will argue against the fact that carpets provide a room with a subtle element that can often go unnoticed. Carpets also give you the ability to safeguard your floors. The most important thing to remember is to make sure you get affordability and quality from your carpet

Some Useful Tips Before Installing Wooden Flooring

Are you planning to replace your existing flooring with wooden flooring. Hiring a professional contractor for laying wood flooring in Crawley, ensures proper installation. Here are a few tips that you may follow for a successful wooden floor installation. Choose the floor carefully

Where should you buy your carpet from?

As it comes to buying carpets for your home, one of the key phases is to where you should buy your carpet from. Let’s discuss different types of carpet stores. Have a look at them and make your decision regarding carpet suppliers in accordingly. National chains or Big Box retailers – These types of companies

Time To Make Your Wood Flooring In Crawley Look New For Years

The benefits of installing new solid hardwood flooring into a house can be rewarding. Not only do they help in renovating your residential or commercial space but gives your interiors a boost without punching a hole in your pocket. If you have recently

Know The Vital Questions To Ask Before Choosing New Flooring

Do you think it’s time to install new floors? Choosing a material which has great aesthetic appeal and offers the right functionality is a great decision. Confused about the ways to choose durable flooring for your home? Well, all you need to do is ask yourself a few vital questions and get high

3 Beneficial Services You Can Expect From Your Carpet Fitting Specialists In Kent

According to a survey conducted a few years back, the demand for carpet fitting specialists has increased drastically in the last few years. The focus of the experienced professionals is on maintaining the reputation earned by them over the years by

Approaching Carpet Shops? Know What Affects The Price Of Carpets

Looking to enhance the interior style of your property without punching a hole in your pocket? The best thing to do is change the existing carpet to a more modern product. Not only is this a cost-effective option but can also modernise your rooms quickly.

Time To Understand The Myths About Carpet Suppliers In Bromley

The importance of a clean and beautiful carpet is undeniable. Dirty, stained or old flooring can ruin the visual appeal of even the most expensive home. A new carpet, on the other hand, gives the room a clean and fresh look. No wonder, the demand for renowned carpet suppliers have enhanced drastically in the last […]

What are the key benefits of installing wood flooring?

When it comes to flooring replacement, you may choose solid hardwood flooring over its common counterparts. A popular choice has typically been Laminate flooring Crawley and the surrounding areas. However, Hardwood flooring is one of the most attractive and reliable flooring choices that you can make for your home. It has been one of the […]

Approaching Carpets Supplier In Kent? Know What To Ask

Planning to purchase a new carpet for your home? Wondering how to ensure a Positive shopping experience and be satisfied with the product you purchase?  No worries. All you need to do is learn a few questions which you must ask a supplier to make an informed choice! While a good carpet supplier in Kent […]

Approaching Commercial Carpets Supplier? Know The Vital Considerations

Beautifying your office interiors can make a lot of difference in the minds of your employees,customers and visitors. And, when it comes to giving a new identity to your commercial space, fitting high-quality carpets can be a wise choice. Wondering how to buy a carpet that has greataesthetic appeal and offers the right functionality too? […]

How to ensure the quality of carpets

Buying carpets is a tricky shopping experience at least for average shoppers who don’t have detailed knowledge on how to judge the quality of carpet. There are a number of prominent as well as ‘hidden’ properties that impact the quality of carpet. If you want to make a wise decision, you need to be informed. […]

Visiting A Carpet Store In Shirley? Choose The Carpet Color Wisely

Every interior designer will agree to the fact that you can easily use the carpet as a decorating element if you choose the product wisely. Few of the features you need to consider is its style, quality, pattern, fiber type, and colour. If you are installing carpets for the very first time, it can actually […]

Questions You Must Ask While Choosing A Carpet Supplier In Kent

Planning to purchase a new carpet for your home? Wondering how to ensure a pleasing shopping experience and be satisfied with the product you purchase?  No worries. All you need to do is learn a few questions which you must ask a supplier to make an informed choice! While a good carpet supplier in Kent […]

Need Carpets For Your New Home? Here’re Some Useful Buying Tips!

If you’ve recently moved to a new home , you might be spending most of your time visiting carpet showrooms. Looking for fitting specialists who can provide you with a high-quality carpet that adds instant warmth to your interiors can be time consuming. To be sure you’re making the right choice, we’ve developed some handy […]

3 Unique Reasons To Approach A Flooring And Carpet Company in London

By simply replacing the old carpet in your house with a new one will definitely give your rooms a quick facelift. This is why residents of London have to be really wise when choosing a company offering quality carpets and fitting. Trying to DIY carpet fitting is not a good idea as it can waste […]


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