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Carpet Smart have outlets in Beckenham, Charlton, Crawley, Welling and Maidstone. Our blog page is designed to give all customers in these areas a deeper insight into our company and the work that we do. We hope you enjoy reading our blog entries and if you have any further enquiries about an individual post, feel free to contact our nearest branch for advice.

Where should you buy your carpet from?

As it comes to buying carpets for your home, one of the key phases is to where you should buy your carpet from. Let’s discuss different types of carpet stores. Have a look at them and make your decision regarding carpet suppliers in accordingly. National chains or Big Box retailers – These types of companies […]

Time To Make Your Wood Flooring In Crawley Look New For Years

The benefits of installing new solid hardwood flooring into a  house can be rewarding. Not only do they help in renovating your residential or commercial space but gives your interiors a boost without punching a hole in your pocket. If you have recently installed new wooden floors in your house or planning to install one […]

Know The Vital Questions To Ask Before Choosing New Flooring

Do you think it’s time to install new floors? Choosing a material which has great aesthetic appeal and offers the right functionality is a great decision. Confused about the ways to choose durable flooring for your home? Well, all you need to do is ask yourself a few vital questions and get high-quality floors installed. […]

3 Beneficial Services You Can Expect From Your Carpet Fitting Specialists In Kent

According to a survey conducted a few years back, the demand for carpet fitting specialists has increased drastically in the last few years. The focus of the experienced professionals is on maintaining the reputation earned by them over the years by offering their services at reasonable prices. The well-trained carpet fitters use advanced equipment and […]

Approaching Carpet Shops? Know What Affects The Price Of Carpets

Looking to enhance the interior style of your property without punching a hole in your pocket? The best thing to do is change the existing carpet to a more modern product. Not only is this a cost-effective option but can also modernise your rooms quickly. Though the focus of every carpet shop is on offering […]

Time To Understand The Myths About Carpet Suppliers In Bromley

The importance of a clean and beautiful carpet is undeniable. Dirty, stained or old flooring can ruin the visual appeal of even the most expensive home. A new carpet, on the other hand, gives the room a clean and fresh look. No wonder, the demand for renowned carpet suppliers have enhanced drastically in the last […]


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