4 Considerations Before Buying A New Carpet

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Going carpet shopping? You should understand a couple of things before making a choice! Carpet shopping can be a  tiresome job because the look of your space entirely depends on what aesthetic you are choosing to compliment it. One wrong selection can backfire drastically leaving the entire space’s look into a visually as well as functionally compromised position.

Considerations for buying a carpet

1. Preparation Of Floor

Prepare your floor by laying a quality underlay to complement your new carpet and this will also protect your investment.

2. Choose The Right One

The texture and colour of the carpet will have an impact on your wall colours and your choice of lighting.  If the carpet carries a smooth surface it will look plush and velvety, suited for the formal dining room. Tapestry style or oriental weaves give the rooms a formal look through minimalistic appeal.

Want to make your room look brighter? Go for a carpet with luscious fibre. But it is important to remember that these carpets show footprints and well as vacuum marks.

There are carpets with uneven surfaces formed by looped piles, you can combine multiple piles at multiple heights to get a sculpture inspired look.

3.Low Loop In High Traffic Areas

Low loop or the basic pile is a great performer for high traffic places. These types of carpets are found mostly in offices. They are hard wearing and also are easy to clean.

4. The Warranty & Guarantee

Before making your selection make sure you look for its warranty or guarantee coverage. The two most important questions to look out for are

  • Do they only cover installation or only replacement?
  • What factors call for the void of warranty and what ‘areas’ are not covered for post-purchase services?

Carpet Smart takes all of your choices into account when helping you choose a carpet.  Their experience will help ensure you receive the perfect carpet you require.

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