Before Buying a Carpet, Dig Into These Carpet Maintenance Facts

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We all know how costly it is to purchase and install carpets at home. A carpet fitting specialist from Kent will be the right person to give you the exact quote. Since carpet fitting is an investment homeowner should consider a proper maintenance plan to expect extended durability of the floor covering. This is because the fabric tends to wear out with usage and time. Regular cleaning with the help of professionals can, however, prolong its lifespan.

Meanwhile, some carpet owners may not know about the exact interval at which a carpet needs to be cleaned. Over cleaning may damage fibres causing deterioration of its texture.  However, carpets laid out at high traffic zones need will need more care to restore quality.

Carpet Maintenance

The Mistake That Most Carpet Owners Make

Whether the carpet has been installed on a commercial place or a living space, owners tend to make the mistake of calling for a carpet cleaning expert only once in a while as they come across a horrible stain or spill. Else these owners overlook the matter for days, months and sometimes worse, for years. After you have gotten in touch with a reliable carpet supplier in Kent learn what you need to do to restore the looks and quality of the textile in order to enjoy value for money; since carpets don’t cost less.

Sometimes, irregular cleaning can cause the ultimate damage and if you don’t want that to happen, dial a call to get the floor covering cleaned and treated by a specialist. In a nutshell, it is important to schedule a clean-up of your favourite floor covering.

Know More about the Damaging Factors That May Ruin a Carpet

Foot traffic is considered a dominant factor causing damage to carpets. With each passing day, a carpet has to undergo regular wear and tear which happens with the increasing number of foot fall at a particular zone. Carpets suffer hugely when the traffic at a place increases and the damage becomes obvious when foot fall is coupled with other factors as mentioned below:

  • When people enter a carpeted area with mud and dirt on their feet or body
  • When dust accumulates over years on the fibres
  • When there are frequent liquid spills
  • When wrong cleaning agents are used to maintaining a carpet
  • When heavy machines are rolled on a carpet

A reliable carpet fitting specialist in Kent can, however, offer you advice on keeping the overlay at its pristine condition.

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