Your Mattress is Your Ultimate Comforter Clean It From Time To Time

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Spring will come and go, every year leaving memories. The season is perfect to invite fresh air. Also, this time of the year calls for thorough cleaning. In order to create a fresh ambience, it’s important you consider a clean-up project that will promise to enhance the quality of air inside and spring seems to be the ultimate season when you can execute your clean-up skills. Around winter, however, it becomes difficult for anyone to clean their home.

When it’s freezing outside, people rather prefer to snuggle up, by laying themselves under the quilt. As these months pass by, the snow melts and the air starts becoming crisper. What refuses to leave your home is the dust that had crept inside when it was chilling.

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Clean your mattress to invite fresh air 

While you may be busy focusing on deep cleaning of corners, furniture and cushions, the mattress may remain unnoticed. You may change the bed covers, sheets and even the pillow covers. However, the soft cushioning layer that makes your bed cosy, have actually collected more dust than you can imagine of. Most people rule out the mattress from the list when they are considering a spring cleaning project. Strange yet true that on an average a mattress collects a huge amount of fluids and dead skin. This fact should not be bothering you unless you are too lazy to skip the “spring clean goal” this year.

Before you contact your nearest beds & mattresses supplier in south-east London for bringing home a new mattress, think of how you can restore the quality of your existing mattress and maintain its insulating properties.

The easiest way to clean a mattress 

Your mattress is an essential item in the house, which demands proper care. Whether it’s of medium size or even bigger, you can clean it all by yourself. Here is how:

1) Remove the mattress topper if you want a thorough cleaning of your mattress.

2) Fasten the upholstery attachment with the vacuum cleaner and hover the funnel-shaped ending on the surface of the upholstery till every speck of dust or dirt trapped in the corners and edges of the mattress is pulled out from the surface.

3) Sprinkle some sodium bicarbonate on the mattress surface. It will help absorb moisture leaving the mattress fresh and clean. Sprinkle some crushed lavender and it will only help you get quality sleep while odorising the room at the same time.

4) For any stain on the mattress surface use a mild detergent. Dab the stain with detergent and gently clean it using a damp towel in a circular motion.

Most importantly if you want to restore the freshness of your mattress for a longer span, keep the windows open.

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