How to ensure the quality of carpets

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Buying carpets is a tricky shopping experience at least for average shoppers who don’t have detailed knowledge on how to judge the quality of carpet. There are a number of prominent as well as ‘hidden’ properties that impact the quality of carpet. If you want to make a wise decision, you need to be informed. Let’s have a look at the determining factors for carpet quality.

  • Face weight – Face weight of a carpet is measured by weight of the pile per square yard. It is measured in ounce. More face weight ensures more durability though there are other factors that also influence the durability.
  • Density of the carpet – This denotes how closely the fibres are tufted together into the backing of the carpet. How close the fibres will be tufted is determined by following a particular formula. While comparing carpets that are different in density but similar in other aspects like style and fibre type, you should go for the one with higher density.
  • Fibre type – When it comes to assessing the quality of carpet, fibre plays significant role. Each type of fibre has its own traits. Some work better in specific situations than others. Popular synthetic fibre options that are easily available in carpet showrooms Bromley include polyester, nylon, triexta and olefin. They are widely used. On the other hand, natural fibres like sisal and wool are less frequently used as they are expensive and delicate to handle.
  • Fibre twist – Though often overlooked, this is one of the best pointers to determine carpet quality. The twist actually refers to how many times the fibre strands have been twisted together while measured to within one inch fibre length. Fibre twist is also referred to as TPI (Turns per inch).
  • Carpet style – Carpet style can determine its quality and thus its performance. Commonly used carpet styles include Berber, Saxony, cut-and-loop and frieze. Each of them is available in different qualities. But each of them has individual functionalities. Not all of them are suited for high traffic areas. So the style of carpet must be chosen judiciously.
  • Warranty – Usually carpets come with manufacturer warranty. But when the warranty comes with terms like abrasive wear, texture retention and/or exclusion, it would be difficult for you to understand what exactly the manufacturer offers. You may ask the carpets supplier in Bromley to get the things clarified.

These are a few things that determine the quality of carpet. If you are planning to buy carpet for your home, these tips would come handy.

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