How to Make Dark Carpets Work in Your Room?

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Many people do not like keeping dark carpets in their room because they think it makes space look smaller. This is entirely untrue.

While dark colours do absorb more light than lighter shades, whether it will look good in your room or not depends entirely on the shade of the carpet as well as the shade of the wall colour. Before you go pick up a dark carpet from your preferred carpet shop Bromley, let’s take a look into how to make dark carpets work in your room.

Home Décor Tips for Dark Carpets

  1. Do not go for a dark carpet in a room which has dark walls. The combination of the two would undoubtedly make space look smaller. However, if the walls are white, nude, or any other light colours, it will bring a very chic vibe to the room.
  2. Instead of going full jet black, you can choose different hues of dark colours. Charcoal grey, coffee brown, slate, dark burgundy, deep maroon, forest green, cobalt blue – these are some of the best shades to go for.
  3. One of the best things about dark carpets is that stains and marks do not show up on them as quickly. But in case you have a white coloured pet that sheds hair – consider getting a floor rug for the pet in such a scenario.
  4. While stains do not show up on dark carpets, they are susceptible to the washing of colour as they age. The dark shade lightens up with time due to facing years of foot traffic. While stains and marks can be removed with professional help, lightening patches can be harder to fix. If you notice a particular area of the rug losing colour or getting more wear and tear, you can shift around the home décor and cover that part up with a stool or an ottoman.

Looking to install a dark carpet flooring in your room this winter? Reach out to Carpet Smart to get the shade and fitting of your choice. Whether it is a commercial project or a residential installation, Carpet Smart’s services cater to all.

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