What Are The Different Types of Carpet You Can Choose?

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If you want your floors to stay clean and look luxurious, then a carpet is a must-have item in your household. It provides you with a soft, plush surface area to walk on. If you have kids in the house and would like a protective layer over your hardwood floor, then a carpet is the best option. Now, before buying the right carpet from a carpet shop in Bromley, it is crucial to be aware of all the variants available in the market. Here are the different types of carpet materials you can consider.

Nylon Carpet

This is one of the most popular material choices for your home carpet. The primary reason why it is preferred by many to layer their house floors is because of its durability. As a material, nylon is robust. It can withstand wear and tear without changing shape for years. Further, it is soil-resistant if you have pets in the house. The only drawback is that a nylon carpet can create static electricity if subjected to abrasion.

Polyester Carpet

Polyester carpet is perfect for busy homes. They are tenacious to footfall and can be used in the dynamic parts of the house like the stairs or the living room. It is a synthetic material and resistant to both stains and moisture. However, it requires proper maintenance if you want to avoid clumps in the carpet.

Olefin Carpet

If you want a wool-like material at a budget-friendly price from a carpet shop in Bromleythen olefin might be the right fit for you. It can provide adequate protection against water spills and humidity. Usually, olefin carpets are dyed in darker colours to keep them looking new for years. It is advisable to use this material in rooms with less inflow of natural light.

Wool Carpet

Wool carpets have been considered a sign of elegance for years. Handmade wool carpets are the real deal for those who are looking to furnish their homes with only the best material. It is available in loop pile options like:

  • Berber
  • Level loop
  • Multi-level loop

Acrylic Carpet

A long-term carpet material option is acrylic. It can retain its colour and does not fade quickly. Further, it can handle spills and stains well. Most people prefer acrylic carpets because it is static-resistant and not as costly.

Triexta Carpet

Last but not least, Triexta is another synthetic carpet material. It is ideal for high traffic areas of the house. It is a sturdy material and can be a little expensive for the average homeowner.

Therefore, a good carpet shop in Bromley can provide you with different carpeting solutions for your home. Carpet Smart is an industry leader for delivering beautiful carpets at pocket-friendly prices.

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