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Choosing the Right Colour Carpets for Properties in Bromley

If you live in Bromley or anywhere else in the South East London area, you can choose from any one of our three popular flooring showrooms in Beckenham, Charlton, Welling or Maidstone. We’ve always supplied a huge range of carpets because we understand that everybody has different tastes and requirements. If you’re not entirely sure what you’ll need in terms of colour, our simple guide should help:

Traffic Levels

Rooms with high levels of traffic are more likely to gather dirt and dust. There is also an increased risk of spillages, particularly if there are toddlers, children or pets in the home. Although it is still possible to have lighter carpets with a stain-resistant treatment, we recommend that customers in Bromley choose a darker colour for high-traffic areas.

Adapting to Space

Think about your room space, what you wish to achieve and any long-term implications you might be facing. Families in the Bromley area can choose warmer red carpets for living rooms and hallways because they tend not to stain as easily as lighter colours. If the room is subjected to strong sunlight during the summer, however, you may be better off choosing lighter carpets that don’t fade as easily.

Reflecting Personalities

Carpets are every bit as individual as the people who buy them. The more casual Bromley customer will prefer warmer colouring and earthier tones while those who are geared towards detail will choose blue, black, grey or jewel tones. At Carpet Smart, we always have carpets and rugs available that reflect your personal style and individuality.

Opting for Design

Sometimes, design is more important than colour. Homeowners in Bromley who wish to make focal points out of furniture items or other décor should look for carpets that neutralise the flooring space. Too many bold colours in a single room can be confusing. Neutral carpet designs simplify the room space without competing against other features.

Can’t Choose?

If you’ve looked through our entire range of carpets and still can’t decide, play it safe with beige or mottled light brown colours. Customers in the Bromley area can still benefit from a warm and neutral colour that camouflages the tracked-in dirt caused by high volumes of household traffic.


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