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Caring for Carpets; a Guide for Homeowners in Thamesmead

Homeowners in Thamesmead are invited to any of our three South East London outlets to view our high quality carpets and flooring products. We have branches in Beckenham, Charlton, Welling and Maidstone where customers can enjoy free fitting on all purchases over £250. We have highly trained staff who provide advice on all aspects of flooring and carpet care. The following tips are provided to help those who already have carpets in place:

  • The stain-resistant protector applied to certain carpets can break down over time. Carpet owners in Thamesmead should have their carpet recoated after every professional clean
  • Most carpet wear is caused by dirt. Microscopic views of dirt show it to be highly abrasive. When dirt rubs against fibres, it causes premature wear. Vacuum regularly to remove dirt from your carpets
  • Never soak carpets when cleaning them or removing stains. Excess water can damage the protective backing of your carpet and the underlay beneath it. It also allows carpets to harbour potentially dangerous allergens and pathogens
  • Many customers in the Thamesmead area have young families so spillages onto carpets are almost inevitable. Clean spillages immediately and never leave them to dry. Always use cold water and never apply bleach-based detergents. It is even wise to avoid non-bleach detergents without testing them on a hidden area first
  • Have your carpets professionally cleaned every 12 to 18 months or sooner if the room has abnormally high levels of traffic. Vacuum at least once a week but daily if your carpet is in a high traffic area
  • Ignore the many myths surrounding stains and always ask a professional for advice. Never pour white wine onto red wine stains. Instead, blot the stain from the outside, working inwards, using cold water and a recommended carpet-cleaning shampoo


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