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Interesting Facts about Carpet for Customers in Plumstead

At Carpet Smart, we cover all parts of the South East London area including Plumstead in the Royal Borough of Greenwich. We’re already well known for having four independent outlets in Beckenham, Charlton, Welling and Maidstone. Our company also has an excellent reputation for providing expert advice and for providing free fitting on all orders of £250 or more. Ever wanted to know more about carpets? Here, we list some interesting facts:

  • The word ‘Carpet’ is derived from carpere, a Latin word that literally means ‘to pluck’. The term probably stems from the ancient method used to pluck or unravel fabric to make carpets
  • Regular cleaning is essential and property owners in Plumstead should vacuum their carpets regularly. A typical household carpet gathers several pounds of soil every year
  • In medieval times, rushes were used to cover floors. In effect, they were disposable carpets that were thrown away once they became dirty. Today, we are able to clean carpets easily using vacuum cleaners
  • We recommend that customers in the Plumstead area have their carpets cleaned professionally every 12 to 18 months. This is rapidly becoming the trade and industry standard for carpet cleaning
  • Newly fitted carpets are scientifically proven to improve air quality inside the home
  • Although the true origins of carpets are still unknown, they were certainly in use many centuries before Christ was born. Nomads in Central Asia are supposedly amongst the first to use carpets as a form of insulation inside their tents. The oldest carpet currently known is the Pazyryk Carpet which dates back over 2,000 years
  • Once you have carpets fitted into your home in Plumstead, you’ll be able to vacuum them with relative ease to keep them clean. Did you know that early vacuum cleaners were so large, it took three people to operate them?


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