Carpet Smart Factory Outlet

Caring for New Carpets for Customers in the Kidbrooke Area

Carpet Smart is a trusted supplier of carpets and flooring products for homeowners in the South East London district of Kidbrooke. We offer a full supply and installation service at hugely discounted prices but unlike other carpet companies, we never forget about our customers once the final installation has been completed. Carpet Smart remain available so that customers can familiarise themselves with their new carpets and obtain our help should they require it.

In just a short while from now, homeowners in Kidbrooke can have their carpets delivered and fitted by our skilled installation team. Naturally, you’ll want to show off your new carpets to family and friends but with all that traffic, how are you going to keep it looking as good as it did in the showroom?

Thankfully, wool carpets are highly resistant to dirt. The fibres make it particularly difficult for dirt to stick so wool carpets are very easy to clean. Unfortunately, accidents sometimes happen so if you live in Kidbrooke and somebody spills something onto your new carpets, the following advice should help:

  • Deal with the stain immediately. It’s less likely to discolour permanently if you do
  • Never rub the spillage. It presses the stain further into the carpet and could damage the pile
  • Don’t use white wine to pour out a red wine stain. This method doesn’t work and will saturate the carpet. This could damage the carpet backing
  • Always work from the outside and work inwards to minimise the size of the stain
  • We strongly recommend that customers in Kidbrooke never use detergent-based cleaners on carpets. They can bleach the colour and damage the surface permanently
  • Always blot the stain to remove the remainder of the spill and remember to brush the pile back in its natural direction afterwards


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