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Spend £250 on Carpets in Crystal Palace for FREE Underlay

Customers in Crystal Palace enjoy free fitting and free underlay whenever they spend over £250 at any of our three Carpet Smart outlets. Underlay is a practical product that delivers many end-user benefits. We’re proud to be one of the only carpet companies serving the Crystal Palace area that provides underlay for free with a fair and competitively priced minimum spend.

  • Underlay preserves the life of new carpets by as much as 40%. It’s a fantastic investment when purchased and even better when it’s provided for free!
  • All carpets have thermal-resistant properties but underlay creates an extra barrier between cold, hard floor surfaces and ambient air. This results in a warmer, more comfortable home
  • The heat retention of underlay stops heat from escaping. This means that property owners in Crystal Palace can save money on their energy bills when they purchase carpets from our company and have our free underlay fitted
  • High levels of traffic can make rooms noisy, particularly in homes with children who are constantly on the move. Carpets and underlay have soundproofing qualities that deaden the noise of traffic, making life more peaceful and quiet for customers in Crystal Palace – and their neighbours!
  • By combining carpets and underlay together, our customers can enjoy a warmer and more comfortable underfoot feel that’s perfect for every member of the family – even in bare feet!
  • If you’re happy with your current carpets, we can still supply underlay at fantastic value prices. Older underlay is often made from materials that perish easily and this could result in your carpet wearing sooner. Our modern underlay is durable, practical and manufactured to last for years
  • Don’t forget that we can also supply free underlay if you choose to buy carpets. Homeowners in Crystal Palace can benefit from our fantastic £250 offer at all three of our outlets in Beckenham, Charlton, Welling or Maidstone


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