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Caring for New Carpets for Homeowners in Shirley

Shirley is another of the many different areas that we serve. Customers in this part of South East London can purchase carpets from their nearest outlet in Beckenham or from either of our two sister stores in Charlton and Welling. Although we’re always here to help you choose the right carpets and flooring for your home, we are also here to give you the best possible advice on caring for carpets once they’ve been installed.

  • Don’t be afraid to vacuum your carpets after installation. It isn’t unusual for carpets to shed a little fluff for a few days after fitting so vacuum with confidence. Remember to trim loose strands with scissors or a sharp blade. Never pull on loose strands as this can damage or tear the carpet.
  • Customers in Shirley should continue vacuuming at least once a week. Dirt and grit becomes trapped in carpets and can cause premature wear when fibres rub together. Avoid footwear wherever possible and use doormats in all entrance points of your property.
  • Rubber-soled training shoes have a strong grip that can tug at the pile of carpets. If you have to wear footwear indoors, invest in a pair of lightweight slippers.
  • Act quickly if something is spilled on your new carpets and never allow the spillage to dry. Pat at the fabric instead of scrubbing. Mud is the only thing that should be left to dry because it is easy to vacuum in a dry state without leaving stains.
  • We remind customers in the Shirley area to always clean their carpets with cold water. When carpets are coloured, the dying process uses heat. Hot water added to a spill could cause it to bond permanently.
  • Never leaves spills to soak as this could damage the backing on your carpets. It is better to repeat the cleaning and drying process several times. To dry carpets thoroughly and to draw out the stain, lay several sheets of kitchen roll over the cleaned area and place a heavy book on top. Leave overnight.
  • Remember that most fabric cleaners and liquids have detergents that could permanently mark your carpets. Customers in Shirley who cannot remove a stain without a cleaning solution should seek advice from a professional carpet cleaning company before using any product.


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