Carpet Smart Factory Outlet

Carpets in Woolwich in a Wide Range of Styles

Customers in the Woolwich area have three Carpet Smart outlets to choose from. Our nearest showroom in Charlton is supported by two other outlets in Beckenham and Welling. All of our carpet showrooms have a complete choice of colours and styles available. The carpet you choose will ultimately affect the feel, the appearance and the performance of your product.

Generally speaking, luxurious carpets with a deep pile usually need more ongoing care than carpets with a shorter pile. Carpets with a shorter pile also tend to last longer. Most buying decisions are made through the combined factors of practicality and personal preference. Customers in the Woolwich area can choose from the following styles:

  • Twist-pile carpets provide a coarse, almost rustic finish. The pile has a slight texture and is perfect for achieving tonal effects
  • Customers in Woolwich who enjoy a suede-like underfoot feeling can opt for our luxurious velvet-pile carpets
  • Loop-pile carpets replicate the appearance of coir or sisal with the benefits of superior warmth and comfort. It is best to avoid this type of carpet if you have pets because it is easy for claws to become entangled in the pile
  • Saxony carpets are ideal for homeowners in Woolwich who love a truly sensuous feel. Saxony is ideal in low-traffic areas, such as bedrooms, where the pile won’t be continually flattened
  • When appearance matters and traffic levels are high, patterned carpets provide a durable flooring solution that wears well and camouflages the impact of everyday use


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