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Things to Know Before Buying Carpets in Bexleyheath

Carpet Smart cover all parts of the South East London area including Bexleyheath. With three dedicated outlets in Beckenham, Charlton, Welling and Maidstone you’re never too far away from cut-price carpets of the highest quality. While we are always happy to advise our customers on the best choice of carpets, we’ve listed a few important points that customers may wish to consider before visiting us:

  • Understand your carpet constructions. Most homeowners in the Bexleyheath area will have a choice of tufted or woven carpets. The majority of carpets sold in the UK are tufted. This means that rows of yarn are machine punched and held in place with adhesive and a backing. Woven carpets are made on looms, are high in quality and cost more but they can last for over twenty years.
  • Try touching the many carpets on display at our outlets. You should easily notice the difference in piles. A deeper pile feels more luxurious. Shorter piles are slightly coarser but they are easy to maintain. A deeper pile does not necessarily mean that the carpet will wear better.
  • When measuring your property in Bexleyheath, remember that carpets are sold in square metres.
  • If you are trying to match existing décor, remember that samples of any carpet may be slightly different to the product that’s finally delivered. Remember to ask us if we have any carpet off-cuts available from a stock roll if you’re trying to find an exact shade.
  • For a professional finish, always have your carpets installed by experienced fitters. We provide free carpet fitting and underlay in Bexleyheath whenever you spend £250 or more on any product from our impressive stock range.


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