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Reasons for Buying Carpets in Abbey Wood and South East London

If you live in Abbey Wood or anywhere else in the South East London area, you can choose any one of three Carpet Smart outlets in Beckenham, Charlton or Welling. There are many different reasons to choose carpets as your preferred flooring product. Making the right buying decision could save you money, preserve your health and improve the overall safety in your home.

  • Noise pollution can make everyday living a nuisance for property owners in Abbey Wood. Carpets enhance sound absorption and can reduce impact noises by as much as 30 decibels
  • Carpets help to retain warmth and save energy. They have low heat conduction qualities and act as a natural thermal insulator. In a home that is centrally heated for thirty days, a carpet could lower energy bills by as much as 6%
  • The underfoot feel of a carpet is an obvious comfort benefit but did you know that many home and business owners in Abbey Wood buy carpets from us because of safety aspects? The non-slip qualities of our carpets make them popular in workplaces or home environments where there are children or elderly persons present
  • Carpets are excellent at trapping dirt and can contribute to a healthy living environment. By holding dust at ground level, air quality in the room improves and this reduces instances of illness and asthma. A vacuum cleaner will remove trapped dust when the home is cleaned
  • Carpets are very easy to maintain and are a popular choice for homeowners in Abbey Wood who wish to combine practicality with aesthetic style
  • High quality carpets are highly resistant to wear and can withstand high levels of traffic. A good quality woven carpet can last for between twenty and thirty years


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